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Our licensed workers welcome you to the Spa...

Gentle side-lying techniques promote relaxation and ease the discomforts of pregnancy.

Long gliding strokes soothe and energize tired muscles.

Deep Tissue
This firmer massage assists with long-term injuries and chronic pain.

Thai Massage Combination
Classic Massage blends with the rocking and stretching of ancient assisted Yoga. 

The marathoner or the occasional athlete can boost performance and recovery from workouts and injuries. 

Hot Stone
Heated smooth rocks are placed on energy centers and rubbed on the skin to melt away muscle aches. (This procedure is not recommended for pregnant women or those with certain health conditions.)

Stress Buster
For those on-the-go, this quick tune-up targets key tension-holding areas.

Couples Massage
Share the experience of well-being and relaxation by unwinding with someone special. Enjoy Swedish Massage side-by-side with your loved one.
(In Room Only)


Prenatal Care
Pressure Points
Reflexology Therapy
Reflexology Specialist
Palm Massage
Oil Massage
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