Bethology  Heals 

Bethology consists of reflexology, a compression technique applied to specific points (reflexes) on hands and feet that relate to all organs and parts of the body plus a mix of water. The reflexologist will conduct an initial assessment. Then diagnose the body map for pressure levels and detect the acute stressed points. The reflexologist uses extensive knowledge of the body's nerves and reflexes to provide pain and stress relief.  

There are many benefits such as:

Reducing pain

Improves circulation and elimination

Normalizing body rhythms

Lifts mood by relieving stress and anxiety

In addition it will also help in:

Boosting the immune system

Fighting cancer

Get over colds and bacterial infections

Clear up sinus issues

Recover from back problems

Boost fertility

Improve digestion

Ease arthritis pain

Touch by another human being is a relaxing, caring, anxiety-reducing action for most people. Water will cleanse away toxins released and wash away dead skin cells, dirt, and soil. Together creating a feeling of well being and peacefulness.

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